Cotillion Dress Code/Coduct

This is one of today’s rare dress up events for youth!  A classic look rather than trendy in style is appropriate. Remember, you will be dancing so check your attire and shoes in advance for comfort. Allow enough time to make any necessary alterations in order to prevent embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions!

Gentlemen: Long sleeve button down dress shirt, dress slacks and tie. Suit jackets optional but strongly encouraged. Smooth soled (danceable) shoes. No tennis-shoes or boots. No casual type pants such as school uniform, Dickies, Haggar, denim overly baggy, cargo or other casual style pants. Tuxedo or dark suit (including jacket) is required for the Christmas Ball formal.

Ladies: Party dress or dressy skirt with blouse; No denim, no casual cotton, jersey, or T-shirt material dress, skirt or blouse allowed. Length of skirt/dress to the knee or longer. Floor-length dress/skirt only allowed at the Christmas Ball or formal themed event. Nylons or tights with smooth soled shoes required. No bare legs, no pants or leggings in addition to or instead of dress/skirt. No flip-flops or sandals that don’t attach to the foot. Shoes must attach to the foot for safety reasons. No platform shoes (toes should not be elevated). No see-through clothing, no exposed undergarments including clear bra straps or bra straps that match the dress. No halter, off shoulder, strapless, one-strap, bare-back or partial bare-back styles. Back no lower than bottom of shoulder blades. Spaghetti straps fine as long as dress is high enough in front to cover cleavage and no undergarment straps visible. No tops that expose stomach when arms are raised. White wrist length gloves required grades 4-7 (except Guest Night) and encouraged for 8th-12th ladies. 8th-12th grade ladies may wear any color/style gloves. Gloves required for all ladies at formal Christmas Ball.


1. Students are to arrive 5-10 minutes before the session begins and check in.

2. Students are to remain in the ballroom during the session. No wandering around the building or property prior to, during or after the session. If a student must be excused from the ballroom during the session for any reason, or leave early they must get permission from a chaperone first. Parents agree to pick students up on time. Arts Impact Foundation is only responsible for students during class time.

3.  Parents are welcome to drop student off, or wait in the lobby or patio areas. Due to the limited space available for observers, it is required that parents wishing to observe from inside the ballroom, sign up as chaperones.  Exception: Feb. Mother/Son and Father/Daughter Waltz and yearly Guest Session when space permits.

4.  Students are to treat all property with respect, understanding they are guests. If a student breaks or damages property, parents agree to pay for said damage.

5.  Students will not verbalize unkind remarks, profanity, coarse jokes or any other inappropriate language.

6.  Students and parents agree that student’s image (pictures) may be used by Arts Impact Foundation for the purpose of promoting said programs and fund-raising.

7.  Students will not chew gum in the ballroom and will turn cell phones off.

8. Students will give Arts Impact Foundation 24 hr. advance notice if missing a session and may be required a semi-private lesson ($10) to make-up the dance steps missed so they will not slow down the class. By appointment, students are allowed to make-up a missed class at another location.

9.  Christmas Ball may be combined with another location. See front of registration form for date/location. Location and dates for ALL sessions subject to change for uncontrollable circumstances including but not limited to weather, facility problems or illness.

10.  Students and parents agree to abide by dress code, to be respectful of chaperone’s decisions regarding dress code enforcement and will refrain from arguing with chaperones in the case their student is excused or required to wear a cover up. If a chaperone deems outfit to be inappropriate or outside the Praise & Dance Dress Code in any way at the discretion of the chaperone, student will be given a cover up to wear or will be excused from dancing. If excused from dancing, student is required to sit at the registration table just outside ballroom until picked up by a parent. Any parent that has a problem with the dress code or the authority of the chaperones to enforce the dress code as they deem appropriate should not sign up for this cotillion program. Parents or students refusing to submit to the authority of a chaperone regarding dress code enforcement will result in dismissal from cotillion for the remainder of the season without refund.

11. To keep ratio of girls/boys even girls will be put on pending status waiting for offsetting enrollment from a boy, unless they sign up with one. Returning boys may offset returning girls only to give returning girls advantage to get in. New girls move to top of pending list by submitting a registration from a new boy in the same age group. To count toward offset, Boys must write the name of the girl they are offsetting on their registration prior to turning in. Pending status does not entitle student to drop and receive refund. No refunds, except at the option of AIF in rare occurrence class cannot be balanced. While holding your spot, every effort is made to balance class ratio. Decisions to refund are not made until very close to scheduled event.

12. $20 family registration for new families only. Tuition is $200 if paid in full by March 30th, $220 paid in full or deposit by August 31st, $220 if balance is paid by the first session. Tuition is $240 with payments extending past the first session. $20 family registration for new families is additional for first year only. Payments may be extended with $60 down and 3 $60 payments (Nov/Dec/Jan) until paid off. Payment still due when absent. All fees/deposits/tuition non-refundable, however, tuition may be transferred to a NEW student, same gender and age group. Transfer Deadline is 7 days prior to 1st session. Missed payments may result in being dropped from the program with no refund, unless special arrangement for payment has been made. Parents agree to pay $25 additional fee for a check returned NSF.