Barnyard Friends

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Barnyard Friends

Our Barnyard Friends have been overheard telling each other, “Who cares which fork to use first, as long as you don’t wave it around and injure yourself or someone else!”

Joy and humor abound  as greater life-lessons and how to apply them are the name of the game on this funny farm!

One such life-lesson that’s on the plowing field for young Dixie the Donkey, “Waving one’s tongue to others, as with waving your fork mid-air at the table, may cause injury to oneself and to others.”
Stay tuned for more about Dixie’s life-lessons on the power of the tongue, choosing words wisely and knowing when to “zip it” shut.

You’ll hoop and holler, rooting for your barnyard friends as real-life challenges threaten to take them out of the race. Will the purpose and mission of these odd acquaintances, compatriots and frienemies ultimately be fulfilled, or will some of them give up the race?

Oh the beauty of being blessed to learn and grow from life’s random sticky situations, miscommunications and character shortcomings, in a self flagellating, down-to-earth,  transparent style which only a mother or Maker could truly love!

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